Carbon Removal made in California

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Rice Farming

Rice has been produced throughout the world for thousands of years, and today it is a staple food for more than 3.5 billion people. But rice farming is also among the least sustainable activities in the agri-food sector. Delve with us into the intricate challenge of balancing rice production with environmental sustainability.

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Emission Reduction

Navigating the crossroads of emission reduction, we spotlight agriculture and the built environment. Essential in nourishing and sheltering the growing population, their significant footprint beckons urgent revision. Join us as we unveil pathways harmonizing essential human needs with steadfast climate stewardship.

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Carbon Removal

Journey with us through the exploration of its key strategies, its indispensable role, and the immediacy required in its application to safeguard our planet.

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The Willows Plant

Strategically located in Willows, at the heart of the Californian rice growing region, this remarkable 276 acre facility is the world's first commercial-scale producer of annually renewable, rice straw-based medium density fiberboard (MDF). Welcome to the cutting edge of sustainable manufacturing.

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In the intricate web of life where every organism has a role, biodiversity stands as a living testament to the richness and variability of life on Earth. Discover the verdant rice fields' diverse ecosystems and understand the delicate balance and coexistence between modern agriculture and vibrant biodiversity.

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Forest Conservation

Explore the critical role of forest conservation in combating climate change. Discover how innovative materials are safeguarding our planet's lungs, promoting biodiversity, and forging a sustainable future.

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